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What would be available to you if you were at home in this marvelous creation of your body, if you were able to love your body imperfections and all?

Ready to explore the possibilities that await you in loving your body?

Body Based Coaching

I believe that happiness and a powerful life are the result of effort spent cultivating all areas of our life. We no more expect a beautiful garden to grow if we tend and nurture only a part of that garden. Why do we then expect to have a rich and beautiful life when we neglect our physical and erotic self? Our erotic being may be only a part of who we are but a lack of fulfillment in any area of one's being robs us of power, energy and the delight to be found in living fully as a human being who has on of the most remarkable gifts of creation - the human body.


Questions to consider regarding pleasure, physical intimacy, your body and your sexuality.


How is this possible?
With clear intention and focused attention you can shift your beliefs and ideas about physical intimacy, pleasure, your body and your sexuality.

Together we can explore the following modalities as you work to develop a full well rounded life:

Exquisite Attention

Role Play


Why Hire a coach?

A coach will support you as you explore new territory.

A coach can help you find new, more interesting and supportive beliefs about your body and sexuality.

Coaching focused on your sexuality can assist you in claiming all that makes you human, resulting in a powerful integration of self.