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What my clients say about their coaching

Thank you for my coaching sessions.....I have been impressed with the results

......your enthusiasm displaced my dread and gave me encouragement.

Things that were overwhelming for me were broken down into steps so I could focus on what I could manage.

your advice.... helped me feel more comfortable with my situation and bolstered my confidence.

I found your experience and expertise amazing and I found myself able to draw upon that. You are a valuable resource for me

You asked me to report on my (event). It was a Wonderful wonderful experience. (During the weekend) I did hear your voice many times in the back of my head. Thank you

Thanks again for the call last night. I am often surprised by the way these calls go ... after a week that I perceived as abysmal, I was expecting a gloomy call -- and then was so surprised at all the positive things I had to report. So many good things had come to me. It was wonderful to pause and take the time to see that.


What might you say about me as your coach?

I never thought that just changing my point of view could make such a difference. So simple.

I had a good life when we stared - but I can barely believe that I have such a fabulous life now!

My partner is delighted with the changes he sees in my life.