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What is Coaching?

"Coaching is: inspiring an individual or team to produce a desired result through personalized teaching, expanding awareness and designing environments." -Dave Buck, 2004


What is a coach?

You may recall that a coach once inspired and guided you or someone you know to achieve success in some endeavor. Many men identify with this experience and seek personal trainers to assist them in achieving health and body goals. They seek mentors at work. Financial planners to support them in achieving their financial goals. So why not consider the possibility of a coach being of assistance in other areas of your life?

You may have ideas about coaches based on past experience. If a coach has negative associations in your experience, I invite you to lay that association aside. Consider the possibility that a coach is available to support your exploration, discovery and growth in pursuit if the rich and fulfilling erotic life you desire. Image what it would be like to have someone as interested and committed your growth and progress.

How it might work for you

Coaching is as individual as your life. I work with my life coaching clients primarily on the phone. We establish a schedule for regular calls - usually 3 times a month. Calls start with a check-in of how you are doing and what you have done since we last talked, especially the commitments you made on the last call.

We then focus attention on a couple of things that you are working on. We may look at how you might approach a situation, set goals, explore why your progress has stalled and see how you can create environmental support.

A coach is not your dad or drill sergeant. I am also not a guru with ready answers for everything. As your coach I will do my best to help you to view your life from new points of view, especially the places where you find yourself stuck. I ask provocative questions. I will be honest in my feedback and tell you what I see, more often than not this is in the form of praise, appreciation or just recognizing your greatness.

fear matrix

So what is your fear stopping you from doing and/or having?
Coaching can use your fear as fuel for your success.
How would it fe to feel your fear and then move boldly forward?


Creating strength from fear